Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!

Bed Bug Heat Remediation Extermination In Greater Orlando And Central Florida

All Star Pest Services, Inc. guarantees complete extermination of bed bugs and their eggs using heat remediation in the greater Orlando area. If you are a property owner or manager in the Orlando area with a bed bug infestation, All Star Pest Services, Inc. can completely eradicate bed bugs and their eggs in about 24 hours with our heat remediation service.

Heat remediation is not only safe, it is also a 100% effective method of bed bug extermination for single family homes, apartments, dormitories, day cares, rental properties, nursing homes and other locations in the greater Orlando, FL area. Our bed bug extermination specialists understand the importance of a discreet treatment, and we will arrive at your location in unmarked vehicles that will not attract attention of neighbors or neighboring businesses.

Completely Destroy Bedbugs And Their Eggs in as Little as One Day!

Our bed bug heat remediation system uses high temperature to exterminate bed bugs and their eggs in one day!

  • 100% effective bed bug extermination the first time!
  • Safe—will not damage furniture
  • Will not harm pets or children
  • Friendly, dependable service

What are
Bed Bugs?

What is Heat Remediation?

Detection & Prevention


Why is Heat Remediation Best for Killing Bed Bugs and Their Eggs?

FAST. Heat/thermal remediation treatment for bed bug removal is effective in just one day and in only one treatment in most situations. This means you can completely eradicate bed bugs in an infested area, and return to a healthy environment and a sound sleep within 24 hours of completed treatment.

100 % EFFECTIVE. Heat remediation extermination kills live bed bugs and their eggs. Heat can penetrate areas where bed bugs tend to hide such as cracks and crevices in floors and furniture, so one treatment will completely destroy a bed bug infestation.

SAFE. Bed bug heat remediation extermination involves no odor and no residue. Heat remediation is safe for your property and belongings. Combined with effective application of chemicals, your location can be completely free of bed bugs in about 24 hours.